Gratec System Warranty Terms & Conditions

Although we do not have many defective parts it is good to know how you are covered.

PLEASE CONTACT a GRATEC staff member directly for warranty information in regards to your specific KIT purchased.  General warranty terms are 1 year, 30,000 miles from date of purchase.  Terms and conditions apply in regards to if a part is deemed a warranty part (example: installation error is not covered under warranty).  For a complete list of warranty terms and conditions please contact a Gratec staff member at 918-236-3983 or  All warranty items are subject to the current warranty terms and conditions at the time the warranty claim is made.  Terms and conditions could change without notice.

The Gratec conversion system are customized and warranties range from 1 year to 5 years depending on the system purchased.  Please contact a service team member and they will inform you of the remaining warranty on your kit.  If you are looking to purchase a system please contact your sales professional about different warranty options.